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There has never been a love story like yours, and never will be. From your beginnings of secret affections or bold inquiries, to stolen kisses or valiant displays of affection, we can’t wait to hear how a simple hello has led to a million beautiful moments. As a team of passionate, romantic women, the desire of our heart is walk alongside you and preserve the legacy of your love.

Welcome to our studio. Since Valentines Day 2007, Tracey and her team of exceptional wedding photographers deeply resonate with and understand the intimacy and thrill of what this new chapter in your life represents. Our approach is driven by our shared desire to build authentic, fun, personal relationships with you. We value the relationship you share with us. This helps us to understand the unique characteristics of your love which gives us a personal insight to build upon when we photograph your event. Focused on capturing and enhancing the celebration of your unique story, the experiences we share together always translate into genuine, timeless images that we know will become an iconic part of your love legacy.

Again, a truly heart felt congratulations to you both! We look forward to your inquiry.

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Or better yet, swing by our chic, full service boutique studio nestled in the heart of historic San Juan Capistrano. You will likely find us sipping tea and pouring over the gorgeous images from last weekend’s wedding. Come join the conversation. Our door is always open and you are amongst friends.